Questions for Guppy Sex and Gluttony Guided by Orange Glow

by Virginia Morell      Science. Volume 295, Number 5561, Issue of 8 Mar 2002, p. 1816.

Answer these questions in complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper.

  1. The article mentions specific mate-selection bias' in three organisms. Describe a specific mate-selection bias you have heard your friends describe.
  2. How might the female guppy's attraction to orange originally develop?
  3. In Dr. Rodd's plastic disk experiment:
    1. What is a plausible hypothesis?
    2. What is the manipulated variable?
    3. What is the responding variable?
    4. What were the results of the study?
  4. The guppies can not manufacture their orange pigments (carotenoids). Where do they obtain those pigments?
  5. The limited supply of cabrehash fruits favors which male guppies?
  6. What might dull orange spots on a male tell a female guppy?
  7. What mating display does a male guppy do to advertise his suitability as a mate?
  8. List the Universities represented by the people interviewed for this article.