Measuring Height

Things you need 1)Tape Measure 2)Drinking Straw 3)Protractor 4)Heavy small rectangular object(eraser) 5)String and some tape
  1. Make a height meter tie string to the center of the flat end of the protractor then tie it to the eraser
  2. Tape the straw to the flat end lengthwise
  3. Walk out a distance until you see the top of the tree
  4. Measure that distance
  5. look at the top of the tree through the straw and hold the string in place on the protractor.This will give you your angle of elevation.
  6. measure your height from the ground to your eyes.
  7. Subtract your angle from 90 degrees then the arc tangent of it and multiply by the distance you were from the tree.
  8. add your height to the previously calculated height n step6 and this should give you the height of the tree