Sound Pipe Lab


How will changing the length of a plastic pipe change its sound (period) when struck on your palm?


Example: Our instructor showed us how striking the open end of a 6" plastic pipe on his palm makes a pleasing sound. It sounded a little like a wood block I've used in band in middle school, only more "airy". I know that larger bells have a lower tone when struck. The larger pipes on pipe organs also have a lower tone than the small pipes.


If the length of the pipe is _________ then the pipe period should be _________ because sound period is longer (frequency is lower) with larger structures.

Be specific! If the length is doubled then the period will be one-half what is was...



  1. Have the instructor setup the Soundcard Oscilloscope external arrow
  2. Students provide the rest of the procedure.


Period Measurements (Sec)
Trials Pipe length = cm Pipe length = cm Pipe length = cm
Trail 1
Trail 2
Trail 3
Average period (s)


  1. Restate the prediction or hypothesis.
  2. Clearly state whether the prediction/hypothesis was correct or give a correct answer to the investigative question.
  3. Provide the range of data from high to low.
  4. Explain how the data supports or rejects the hypothesis or answers the question.