Due date:

Jug Band Lab Problem Investigation


When Mr. Rick tabulated the student data for the Jug Band lab, he found that the results were conflicting and inconclusive. In class several ideas were brought up as possible reasons for the problems. These included:

  1. Differences among the 2-liter plastic bottles.
  2. Differences how students made the tones with the bottles.
  3. CBL or calculator errors or inaccuracies.
  4. Student errors reading the waveforms on the calculator.
  5. Errors measuring the amounts of water.
  6. Confusion between air or water volumes.


You and your group will investigate one of these questions to determine if the problem could account for the errors we were seeing in the jug band lab. Your group will prepare an poster board to communicate to the rest of the class the question you investigated, your methods and results.

Poster Guidelines


An individual's grade will be based upon these criteria:

  1. The poster grade the group receives based upon adherence to lab report format, quality of research, adherence to poster guidelines and poster quality.
  2. Mr. Rick's observations of the individual's work habits during the course of the assignment.
  3. The individual's duties and progress described in a group update report to Mr. Rick.
    1. Principal Investigator - responsible for getting group started and keeping everyone on task. Monitors progress and provides updates to Mr. Rick. Covers for missing people.
    2. Materials Manager - responsible for equipment and materials.
    3. Recorder - records rough lab report, data and group observations.
    4. Reporter- primary responsibility is the poster.
  4. On the back of the poster, the names of each group member and their percentage contribution to the project ( 20%, 30%, etc) will be recorded.