Jug Band Lab

Question: Provided by student.

Background: Mr. Rick wants to play the first stanza of Beethoven's 5th symphony using 2 liter bottles filled with varying amounts of water. Mr. Rick has the sheet music and what frequencies the notes are. You will need to provide him data so he knows how much water to put in the bottles to produce different frequencies. This information will be communicated by a formal lab report. A TI-83/CBL with microphone will be provided to make frequency measurements.

Hypothesis: Provided by student.

Equipment: Provided by student.

Procedure: Provided by student - should specify using averages of several measurements.

Data Table: Provided by student.

Graph: Graph of manipulated variable vs. responding variable provided by student.

Conclusion: Provided by student.

Algebra bonus question Describe your data in slope-intercept form.