Marble and Ramp Lab Simplified


The student will investigate the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy using a marble rolling down a ramp to strike an object. The instructor must sign off on the group's procedure. The group shall gather data together. Each group member is responsible for their own lab report.


How does the GPE magnitude affect the KE magnitude in the marble ramp system?




Make a complete list of the equipment you will need.


Write a step-by-step description of how you will perform the experiment. Use a list of numbered, short, concise sentences. Someone else should be able to duplicate your experiment using these instructions. The manipulated and responding variables are identified within the steps of the procedure. Two controlled variables are also identified as the student explains how and to what value they will be set to. Be sure to describe how to do the repeated trials.



The conclusion is a paragraph with the following:

  1. Restate the prediction or hypothesis.
  2. Clearly state whether the prediction/hypothesis was correct or give a correct answer to the investigative question.
  3. Provide the range of data from high to low.
  4. Explain how the data supports or rejects the hypothesis or answers the question.

In addition, the conclusion is the place to report any errors that occurred, list any variables that were not controlled, list what would be done differently if the experiment were repeated, and ask any additional questions that come up as result of the research.