Numeric Analysis of the Doppler Effect

On a separate sheet of paper perform each indicated step showing all your work.

  1. Turn your paper sideways (landscape).
  2. Draw in the middle of your paper a stick figure human. The figure should be 3 cm tall.
  3. On the left side of your paper draw a car. The car should be 4 cm long.
  4. Imagine the car has an extremely large tuning fork on its hood. Draw the tuning fork.
  5. When struck, the tuning fork vibrates at 262 Hz. Write this below the human.
  6. The speed of sound is approximate 343 m/s at sea level. Write this below the human.
  7. What is the period of the tuning fork vibration? Write this below the human.
  8. The car starts moving and is soon traveling at 55 mph. Draw little lines to show the car is moving.
  9. Convert the speed of a car to meters / sec. Write both speeds above the car.