Street Map Vectors

Imagine you have been grounded (no visitors, no phone calls, no Internet, no TV, nada) for the rest of high school for saying "science is dumb". Luckily your parent(s)/guardian(s) forgot about the hobby you and your friends share - raising carrier pigeons. Just before the grounding is imposed, you and your friends exchange pigeons. Each of you have a few of each others birds. Whenever you want to communicate with a friend, you get one of her or his birds, place a note on a pigeon's leg and release her. The bird will then fly to its home coop.

Is it boring at home or what? One evening you while waiting for a note-bearing pigeon to bring news of the outside world, you start wondering about the pigeons and how far they are really flying. After all, they don't walk around on the street like you and your buddies do. Hmmm.... examining your street map you notice that there is a grid system on the map with each square representing 10 meters.

Well how far is Melanie's house ? You live at 104 Southern Ave. Melanie lives across from the park at 223 Madison Ave. To visit with Melanie, you would walk east on Southern Ave. , north on 2nd St to Madison, turn east on Madison and walk to Melanie's front door. After a couple quick measurements you find that ___________________  &   ___________________ are the walking distance and the displacement to Melanie's house.

Just for fun, you decide to calculate the walking distance and the displacement from your house to your buddies' houses. To be consistent, you count the squares from where the front door's walkway reaches the street.

  1. ___________________     ___________________ Amber lives at 108 Madison Ave.
  2. ___________________     ___________________ Louie is at 240 Southern Ave.
  3. ___________________     ___________________ Oh, and __________ who is such a hottie lives at 1313 3rd St.
  4. ___________________     ___________________ Anya lives at 120 Adams St.
  5. ___________________     ___________________ Anya spends most of her time at the mall, hanging around the northwest entrance.
  6. ___________________     ___________________ Ally likes to relax near that dark-leaved tree in the southeast corner of the park.
  7. ___________________     ___________________ Murphy lives at 203D Commercial Ave.
  8. ___________________     ___________________ That dorky Mr. Rick's room is in the high school building in the southwest corner of the school property. Thank goodness he doesn't have any pigeons!