What is Energy Fill-in?

Energy is the ________________________ a ________________________ has to produce ________________________ on another system.


A system is a set of ________________________ or interdependent system ________________________ forming an integrated _____________.

Systems Characteristics

  1. Systems have __________________________, defined by components and their composition.
  2. Systems have __________________________, which involves inputs, processing and outputs of material, energy, information, or data.
  3. Systems have __________________________: the parts of a system have functional and structural __________________________.
  4. Systems may have some ________________________ or groups of functions

Types of systems

  1. An ________________________ system is a system which ________________________ interacts with its environment.
  2. An ________________________ system is a physical system that ________________________ interact with its surroundings.
    • An isolated system obeys ________________________ laws: its total energy and mass stay constant.

Energy form(s)

Three Big Ideas

  1. All physical ________________________ involve transferring ________________________ or changing one form of ________________________ into another (transforming).
  2. Whenever ________________________ is reduced in one place, it is ________________________ somewhere else by exactly the ________________________ amount.
  3. Whenever there is a ________________________ of energy, some of it is likely to go into ________________________ which spreads around and is therefore not available for use.

Energy Transfer

A system can transfer energy by means of three ways:

  1. physical or thermodynamical work
  2. heat transfer
  3. mass transfer