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Electromagnetic Spectrum Activity

em spectrum diagram


  1. You and your small group will investigate one of the seven bands of electromagnetic spectrum.
  2. Your group will report to the class their findings with:
    1. Mini-presentation < 3 minutes
    2. Visual aid (poster, ppt, interpretive dance, etc)
    3. The presentation must include the data for their EM band as shown in the EM Spectrum Data Table.
    4. There should also be a diagram of the EM spectrum highlighting your EM band similar to the image on the right or listed in the resources.
  3. The presentation will be evaluated with this Oral 8pt rubric.
  4. During the presentation, classmates record personal notes on a EM Spectrum Data Table and their own diagram of the EM spectrum.
  5. Suggested resources include:
    1. NASA EM Spectrum Information Pages external arrow
    2. Discovery Education EM Spectrum external arrow
    3. NASA Tour Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum Video external arrow series.
    4. The Electromagnetic Spectrum on Flash external arrow. Be sure to mouse hover over the icons on the top of the flash animation.
    5. EM spectrum diagram external arrow
    6. EM spectrum properties diagram external arrow
    7. Clicking on the EM spectrum names in the table below will take you to an information page.
    8. Reference sheet for making EM Spectrum calculations

    EM Spectrum Data Table

    Name Wavelength Range
    (comparative size) external arrow
    Frequency Range (Hz) Energy
    (Choose: ionizing or med or low)
    (one natural and one man-made)
    Radio Waves            
    Visible Light            
    Gamma Rays