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Most of these pages were developed to support high school science classes I taught from 1999 to 2016. Some of these pages reflect personal interest on my part. These pages include assessments, labs, and class notes. The content sophistication ranges from middle school level to high school. The content is derived from my work, the work of colleagues or from modified on-line content. My intention is to give credit where due. If something is not properly attributed let me know!


Early on, given the multitude of platforms, operating systems and applications, I decided that HTML external arrow is the most accessible format for students (and me). I did almost everything as an HTML page. Here they are. Using different CSS external arrow files, I could have one HTML page to display on my PC, to project in the classroom, to print, and view on a mobile device. Sweet. Yes, the menu pages (in particular) are not mobile-friendly. Pages I expected students to access I paid more attention to the small screen CSS. Mobile vendors and app writers seem dedicated to breaking my CSS files.


Selecting a topic from the left-hand list will display a list of files for that topic. There are three file categories:

There are files not posted here including assessments and lab keys, lesson and unit plans. Contact me if you are interested in those.

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Have at it! external arrow I put these up in case someone might find value. Teaching is not an easy path. I applaud you.

As time passes these pages will become stale and suffer from link rot external arrow. I am doing other things now, but will respond if you have a particular interest about something you see on these pages.

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