PC Literacy

This document will help you manage your computer skills tool box. Place this in your science notebook. We will be referring to it over the course of the semester. Check each box that you have done or can do now. After you acquire a new skill, check its box.

Basic PCs
  • Turn on a computer
  • Use a keyboard and mouse
  • Start a computer program
  • Create a new computer document
  • Save a computer document
  • Exit(quit) a computer program
  • Shut down and turn off a computer
PC Files
  • Open a saved computer document
  • Print a computer document
  • Delete files from a computer
  • Move files from one place to another
  • Get data from a floppy disk or CD_ROM
  • Find a "lost" file
  • Use the World Wide Web(WWW)
  • Search the WWW using keywords
  • Send an e_mail message
  • Attach/retrieve documents to e_mail
  • Download files from WWW or FTP Sites
  • Make your own web site/home page

PC Applications

  • Use a word processor
  • Use spreadsheets to present information
  • Use spreadsheets to make a graph or chart
  • Embed charts or pictures in a word processing file
  • Use software that finds and gets rid of viruses
  • Draw pictures using the mouse
  • Use a database
  • Create a computer program. e.g. basic, C...
Basic Calculators
  • Solved problems using +, -, /, x
  • Used memory to store an answer
  • Used higher math functions: x2, square root, sin x, etc
  • Used a graphing calculator as a basic calculator.
Graphing Calculators
  • Entered in a long equation including parenthesis
  • Graphed an equation
  • Graphed a data set
  • Used a CBL to gather data
  • Wrote a program for a calculator