TI-8x Graphing Calculators

The TI-8x series graphing calculators from Texas Instruments are powered by a derivative of Zilog's Z-80 microprocessor (except the TI-89). There exists a cadre of aficionados creating games and programs both in TI basic and Z-80 assembly language. TICALC is a good place to start your snoop.

TI-8x calculators also connect to TI Calculator-Based Laboratory (CBL and CBL2) modules. Data probes from TI and Vernier can be used to measure pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, etc.

TI makes a Graph-Link cable and software to allow communication between a TI calculator and a PC or Mac.


I've written these programs to provide a more robust CBL connection.

TI Graph Link Communication Reference Websites

The sites below provide complete and likely accurate background on the TI Graph Link Communication Protocol.