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TI-83 Graphing Data using STAT lists

Enter the data

  1. Access the MEM menu: press 2nd +
  2. Clear all the data lists: select 4: ClrAllLists
  3. When the TI-83 display blanks then shows   ClrAllList  : press ENTER
  4. Access the STAT menu: press STAT
  5. Access the list editor: select 1:Edit
  6. Enter the first list of data in L1: move the cursur until it is under the L1 column.
  7. Enter your first data then press ENTER. The cursor will advance to L1(2) location. Finish entering the rest of the first data set.
  8. Enter your second data set: move the cursor until it is under the L2 column. Repeat step 7.

Prepare to plot

  1. Access the equation plotting screen: press the blue Y=
  2. Clear any equations: move cursor to each Yx= line, then CLEAR.
  3. Three STAT plots can be graphed. They are listed at the top of the screen: Plot1 Plot2 Plot3
  4. A Plot is selected for graphing if the background is dark with clear letters.
  5. Select Plot1 for graphing: Move the cursor to the Plot1 location. Use ENTER to toggle the plot on.
  6. Turn off Plot2 and Plot3: use the cursor and ENTER to toggle each so the background is clear and letters dark.
  7. Access the STAT PLOT menu: press 2nd Y=
  8. Select Plot1: move the cursor to 1:Plot1 then press ENTER
  9. With the cursor over the On, press ENTER to toggle Plot1 on.
  10. Select the line Type: of graph: move the cursor to the second choice (top line, middle), press ENTER to toggle on.
  11. Select your x axis: move the cusor to XList: select L1 by pressing 2nd 1
  12. Select your y axis: move the cusor to YList: select L2 by pressing 2nd 2
  13. Press GRAPH.       Kewl
  14. To set graph window for best fit: Press ZOOM. Select menu item 9.
  15. Press TRACE to see data points on graph.

Hint: How to select an item from a TI-83 menu:

  1. (Example) Press CLEAR
  2. Press   . 5
  3. Press MATH
  4. To select the first choice 1:> Frac: you can simply press 1 or use arrow keys to move cursor and press ENTER when the cursor is on your choice.
  5. When the TI-83 displays   .5>Frac   : press ENTER
  6. To select the third 3:>3: you can simply press 3 or use arrow keys to move cursor and press ENTER when the cursor is on your choice.
  7. When the TI-83 displays   .53   : press ENTER

Hint: To clear the memory and settings of the TI-83:

  1. Access the MEM menu - press 2nd +
  2. Select 5: Reset...
  3. Select 2: Defaults
  4. Select 2: Reset