Symbols and Patterns

Students will examine ancient and modern symbols to construct an understanding of patterns in symbolic communication and a historical context.


Understand complexities of early civilizations What does it take to communicate? message media History Understand reflectance/contrast


Compare and contrast (same & different) Using PC, fonts, CBLs, etc.

Organization of Communication

- two or more can function in same system. 1.Pictograms - No linguistic reference - typically hunting/farming communities North American Indians 2.Word signs 3.Syllabic signs 4.Alphabet


Origin - Media - clay tablets Use - economic & monuments Accessibility - long training to be scribe Many forms - Sumerian, Babylonian.

Maya Codices

Origin - Media - Use - Accessibility -

Hobo Sign

Origin - Media - Use - Accessibility - The hobo game


Origin - Media - Use - Accessibility - - Manually decode secret message - Manually encode a secret message - simulated industrial application, students will be asked to discover what are the most effective materials and colors for printing bar codes. New package for McKemy Candy Company or Peaches' pellets. - Use computers,printers, bar code scanners, TI calculators and CBL units to measure contrast and reflectance.