Venn Diagrams

A convenient way to visually show the relationships between items is the Venn diagram. These diagrams show relationships of sets.

aspects of apples and oranges

We always hear people say, "...that's comparing apples and oranges." So how are apples and oranges the same?  How are they different?  This sounds like a good compare and contrast question. Think about apples and oranges. Let's draw two circles, one for apples and one for oranges. We can write the characteristics of apples and oranges inside their circles.

  Venn diagram for aspects of apples and oranges

Notice how there are some things apples and oranges have in common?  And some things are different between them. Let's create a drawing with the two circles overlapping. The characteristics that apples and oranges have in common we will place where the two circles overlap. The things that aren't the same for both will be in the parts of the circles that aren't overlapping.


On a separate sheet, create Venn diagrams for these three topics. You should have three items in common and three items each not in common.

  1. bicycles and automobiles.
  2. freshmen and sophomores.
  3. grass and trees.