Metric System Units

Base Units:

The SI system has seven fundamental measurements.

  1. Mass: kilogram (kg)
  2. Length: meter (m)
  3. Time: second (s)
  4. Temperature: Kelvin (K)
  5. Electric current: Amperes (A)
  6. Amount of a substance: mole (M)
  7. Luminous intensity: candela (cd)

Derived Units

Using these base units we can derive other units to make other types of measurements.

  1. Area: square meters (m2)
  2. Volume: cubic meters (m3)
  3. Volume (liquid): liters (l)
  4. Temperature: degrees Celsius (°C)
    • Water freezes at 0°C
    • Water boils at 100 °C.
    • 0°C = 273.15 K
  5. Density:
    • kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3)
    • grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm3)