Famous Scientists Project


  1. You will prepare and present to the class, an electronic media presentation (Powerpoint, HMTL pages, etc) regarding a famous scientist.
  2. There will be a sign-up list for scientists. There can not be two presentations for a scientist.
  3. Two students may collaborate. Both students are expected to participate in the classroom presentation.
  4. Grading for the project will follow the presentation rubrics. Instructor and peer assessment will be used.
  5. The following specific slide structure and information will be expected:

Body of presentation including:

  1. Cover Slide:
    1. Information as listed in the OHHS student handbook. Graphics are encouraged.
  2. Childhood:
    1. Describe the scientist's early years from birth (including birth date and birth place) to when she/ he began their scientific career.
    2. Describe what was occurring in the world at that time.
    3. Was there any event that shaped the person's life?
  3. Adulthood:
    1. What were their major discoveries or accomplishments?
    2. What were their setbacks or disappointments?
    3. How did world events impact your scientist?
  4. Old Age:
    1. When and where did she/ he die? Did their passing mark the end or beginning of a new chapter in history?
    2. In their time were they recognized for their accomplishments?
    3. Or did they die in obscurity? When was their greatness recognized?
  5. Your Opinion:
    1. Were they someone you would want to be around as a friend or family member?
    2. What is the lasting contribution of this scientist?
  6. Bibliography Slide:
    1. Use the model in the OHHS student handbook.


  1. Plagiarism is not acceptable. Be sure to credit all images and information.
  2. This project will likely represent a synopsis of information obtained from your references.
  3. Typically each numbered topic above would deserve a slide or two.
  4. Presume your audience can read. Prepare comments and elaborations to speak of while the audience is viewing the slide.