Metric Matrix

We have been working with metric system units in previous assignments, but you may not have a good understanding of what these measures actually look like.


  1. On the back of this sheet, use a ruler to draw the table below in landscape (sideways).
    Use the whole sheet! Make your drawings as large as possible.
  2. In each box of the table, draw an example of something from your experience that represents that metric unit of measure.
  3. For example: the base unit for length is the meter. The height of a door knob from the floor is about a meter. You could draw a door indicating the height of the door knob.
  4. Points are given for accuracy (is the object size close to the metric unit) and for drawing quality.

Metric Measure kilo-unit base-unit centi-unit milli-unit
sketch of a door

sketch of a sugar packet

sketch of a milk carton