Matt Metric Goes Shopping

Directions: write in the best appropriate SI measure.

Matt Metric decided to go to the store one day. Since the distance to the store was only 2 ____________ , Matt decided to walk. Being environmentally aware, Matt took his cloth shopping bag. The bag was durable and light, its mass was about 200 _____________.

On the way to the store Matt noticed the gas station attendant was changing the price of gasoline on the station's display board. The attendant was at the top of a ladder so she could reach the display which was 3 _____________ above the ground. The price for gasoline was going up to $0.95 per ____________.

It was a cold day, only about 5 ° ______________ so Matt walked quickly. He timed his paces so that he took one step every 1.5 ______________. At the store, Matt bought a __________ of milk, 0.5 ___________ of hamburger and a package of double-stuffed Oreo cookies. On the way home, it started to rain. It was a light rain. When Matt got home he checked the rain gauge and saw that only 2 _________ of rain had fallen.

Matt had just sat down to enjoy some cookies and milk when suddenly....

(complete the story using at least three metric measures)