Experiment Design Analysis - The Wine Guide


Sunset Magazine. The Wine Guide 8/2000. Copyright 2000 Sunset Publishing Corporation.


  1. Does this experiment have a control ? What is it?
  2. Manipulated variable =
  3. Responding variable =
  4. Controlled variables =
  5. Is this quantitative or qualitative data ? Why?
  6. Using the lab report format create a lab report for this experiment :
    1. Think of a good original title.
    2. What was the author's question ?
    3. Include the Background heading, but you do not need to include any information.
    4. What would have been your prediction ?
    5. Include an equipment list.
    6. Write a detailed procedure. Remember the procedure and data table has to account for the fates of 54 bottles of wine !
    7. Include a data table, but you can not record data since the taster's responses are not provided in the article.
    8. Write your own conclusion using the criteria outlined in the report format. Don't forget to include the author's caveats.