Dimensional Analysis Stories

  1. Your mom's SUV gets 12 miles to the gallon. Gasoline at the moment is $2.80 per gallon. If the Cascade Mall is 35 miles away how much does it cost to drive there?
  2. Andy the grounds keeper is going to spray weed killer. He is supposed to mix 1 oz of concentrated weed killer to each gallon of water. His weed sprayer tank on the tractor holds 240 gallons. How many ounces of weed killer concentrate does Andy need?
  3. How many quarts of weed killer will Andy need?
  4. You are trying to convince your mom that your room should be painted Wildcat Purple. Your mom wants to know how much the paint will cost. Your room dimensions are 12' x 8' x 10'. The paint is $15 a gallon and one gallon covers 500 ft2. To make sure your mom believes you you decide to set up the problem using dimensional analysis.
  5. You share the room with your little brother. He demands that the room be painted his favorite color, green, up to his height on the wall. He is 3.5' tall. How much green paint will you need?
  6. How much purple paint will you need now?