Density Measurement Follow-up Questions

Use complete sentences to answer these questions.

  1. Is the kilometer, meter, centimeter or millimeter most appropriate for expressing the length and width of the block? Why?
  2. For which object was your estimates the most accurate? Why?
  3. For which object was your estimates the least accurate? Why?
  4. Explain in words the entire process you used to find the density of the marble?
  5. Contrast the density for a penny you obtained for the single and the 10 pennies?
  6. Why would there be differences in the penny density measurement?
  7. A small chain known to be made of gold has a mass of 328.1 grams. When the chain is placed in a graduated cylinder of water, the water level rises from 8 ml to 25 ml. What is the density of gold? Show your calculations.
  8. Another golden chain has a mass of 315 grams. The graduated cylinder water level changes from 5 ml to 26 ml. What is the density of the chain? Show your calculations.
  9. Why might the second chain have a different density?
  10. Explain how knowing the density of a material would allow you to predict if it floats in water.