The Boy in the Water

Look at this image then answer which of these are observations, which are inferences?

  1. The boy is in the water
  2. The weather is cold.
  3. The tree branch is broken.
  4. If the boy crawled out of the water the goat would butt him.
  5. The boy fell off the branch.
  6. A goat is standing by the pond.
  7. The branch will fall on the boy's head.
  8. The boy fell off the rocks.
  9. There is a sailboat in the water.
  10. The sailboat belongs to the boy.
  11. The goat will soon leave the pond.
  12. The tree by the pond has no leaves.
  13. There are three rocks in the pond.
  14. The tree by the pond is dead.
  15. If it rains the tree will grow leaves.
  16. The goat butted the boy into the pond.