Periodic Table Notes Fill-in

Periodic Table
A table of all the known elements in rows of ___________________   ___________________   ___________________ and in columns of elements having similar ___________________   ___________________.
___________________ of elements in the periodic table having similar ___________________   ___________________. Elements in a group have the same number of e- in the ___________________   ___________________ ___________________ /___________________ . Groups are numbered from 1 to 18.
___________________ of elements in the periodic table. The period number is the number of e- ___________________ / ___________________ the element has. From left to right the elements in a row have ___________________ atomic number.
An element that is shiny, ___________________ , malleable and a good conductor of ___________________ and ___________________ . Metals tend to transfer e- to nonmetals and form ionic compounds.
An element with properties ___________________ those of metals and nonmetals.
An element that ___________________ metallic properties. Nonmetals tend to form covalent bonds with each other or accept electrons from metals to form ionic bonds.

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