Periodic Table Notes

Periodic Table
A table of all the known elements in rows of increasing atomic mass and in columns of elements having similar chemical properties.
Columns of elements in the periodic table having similar chemical properties. Elements in a group have the same number of e- in the outermost shell/orbital. Groups are numbered from 1 to 18.
Rows of elements in the periodic table. The period number is the number of e- shells/orbitals the element has. From left to right the elements in a row have increasing atomic number.
An element that is shiny, ductile, malleable and a good conductor of heat and electricity. Metals tend to transfer e- to nonmetals and form ionic compounds.
An element with properties between those of metals and nonmetals.
An element that lacks metallic properties. Nonmetals tend to form covalent bonds with each other or accept electrons from metals to form ionic bonds.

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