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Matter Worksheet - Journal

Write questions in your notebook, then answer.

  1. Define matter in a complete sentence.
  2. List the three common states (phases) of matter:
  3. Which state of matter has:
    1. no definite shape, nor definite volume
    2. no definite shape, but definite volume
    3. definite shape and definite volume
  4. How do you change a solid into a liquid? Give an example.
  5. How do you change a gas into a liquid? Give an example.
  6. Use your answers from the two problems above to explain why phase changes are "reversible".
  7. List three physical properties of matter.
  8. When matter undergoes a physical change, has its physical properties changed? Give an example.
  9. What do we mean when we speak of a substance's "composition"? Use your prior knowledge of atoms, molecules, elements, compounds and mixtures.
  10. When matter undergoes a physical change, does the composition of the matter change? Give an example.
  11. List two chemical properties of matter.
  12. After a chemical change has the physical and chemical properties of a substance changed? Give an example.
  13. Give two examples of common items that use chemical change.

After recording in your notebook, tell whether the following are chemical or physical changes:

  1. mixing salt and pepper
  2. freezing water
  3. cutting a marshmallow
  4. toasting a marshmallow
  5. burning wood
  6. adding chocolate syrup to milk
  7. iron rusting
  8. melting sugar
  9. breaking glass
  10. boiling water
  11. magnetizing a piece of steel
  12. melting wax
  13. burning wax
  14. hammering gold into a thin foil
  15. pouring molten gold into a mold
  16. dissolving sugar in water