Matter Quiz 2

  1. Is heat matter ? Use the definition of matter to explain your reasoning.  

  2. Use the example of water in a beaker to explain the shape and volume characteristics of a liquid.

  3. Circle which of these is not a physical property:
    texture color viscosity flammability luster magnetic attraction
  4. Explain why your choice above is not a physical property.

  5. Tell whether the following are chemical or physical changes:
    1. the burning alcohol lamp _______________
    2. alcohol evaporating from the alcohol lamp wick _______________

  6. Tell whether the following are compounds, elements, heterogeneous or homogenous mixtures.
    1. salt _____________________________
    2. water _____________________________
    3. salt dissolved in water _____________________________
    4. sand in water _____________________________
    5. copper _____________________________
    6. your head _____________________________

  7. Compare and contrast a solution and an alloy.  
  8. Describe one technique for separating mixtures. 

  9. Compare and contrast a scientific law and a scientific theory.  
  10. Record the mass, volume and density for one of the blocks of wood in the room.
    Show your calculations and include the correct units.
    1. mass _____________________
    2. volume _____________________
    3. density ______________________