Matter / Phase Change Quiz

  1. Define matter in a complete sentence.
  2. Describe the shape and volume characteristics for these state of matter.
    Phase Shape Volume

  3. List three physical properties of matter.
  4. Name one chemical property of matter.
  5. Tell whether the following are chemical or physical changes:
    1. sprinkling sugar on your cereal _______________
    2. cutting a piece of paper _______________
    3. burning a piece of paper _______________
    4. soaking paper in alcohol until it's mushy _______________
    5. scrubbing rust off a piece of steel _______________
  6. empty phase change concept mapComplete this phase change concept map. Include the phases of matter and the names of the phase change processes.

  7. Complete this phase change diagram. Write in the names of the phases and the phase change processes (the small arrows). The little dots represent atoms or molecules of the substance.
      Empty Phase Change Diagram
  8. To melt 2 grams of substance X requires 400 Joules (metric energy units). When liquid substance X freezes how much energy is released?

  9. two hot plates This diagram shows an experiment with equal amounts of two different substances in identical beakers and hot plates. Both hot plates are turned to the same setting.
    • Substance X has a latent heat of fusion of 400 Joules/gram.
    • Substance Y has a latent heat of fusion of 200 Joules/gram.

    1. Which substance will be completely melted first?__________
    2. If substance Y takes 20 minutes to melt, how long will substance X take to melt? ___________