Seed Vocabulary

List: seed, seed coat, radicle, endosperm, embryo, epicotyl, cotyledons, hypocotyl, plumule, monocot, dicot, germination, dormancy

  1. seed - flowering plant's unit of reproduction, the product of sexual reproduction, with an embryo, food reserve and protective coat.
  2. seed coat - outer layer of seed.
  3. radicle - embryonic root.
  4. endosperm - nutrient tissue stored in some seeds.
  5. embryo - rudimentary plant formed after fertilization.
  6. epicotyl - area of shoot between the cotyledons and the first true leaves.
  7. cotyledons - seed leaves.
  8. hypocotyl - portion of embryo between the radicle and cotyledons.
  9. plumule - bud of the embryo.
  10. monocot - flowering plant with one cotyledon, parallel-veined leaves and flower parts in threes.
  11. dicot - flowering plant with two cotyledons, net-veined leaves and flower parts in fours or fives.
  12. germination - resumption of growth of the embryo.
  13. dormancy - period of inactivity.