Potting-Soil Formulas

Note: Fertilizer ingredients for four quarts of mix. Four quarts equals two six-inch standard-size pots. All ingredients are measured in level teaspoonfuls. Garden fertilizer is typically 5-10-5, or 6-12-6, or 10-10-10.

Formula A

For those plants that need a growing medium with high moisture-retention characteristics. Plants having a fine root system are included in this group. Recommended for the following plants and others of similar culture: African violet; aglaonema; aphelandra; begonia; cyperus; dracaena; fern; ficus; helxine; palm; spathiphyllum; tolmiea.

Formula B

For general potting. For plants that require good drainage and aeration but must not dry out completely between watering. Use for the following plants and for others with similar requirements: Achimenes; aeschynanthus; cordyline; columnea; dieffenbachia; episcia; hoya; monstera; nephthytis; philodendron; pandanus; peperomia.

Formula C

For desertlike plants and some succulent plants with a root system that will withstand periods of dryness between watering. Plants having coarse tubers or rhizomatous roots are in this category. Following are recommended and others with similar culture requirements: Aloe; astrophytum; bromeliads; cereus; crassula; gasteria; kalanchoe; lithops; mammillaria; opuntia; sedum; sempervivum.

Formula D

For seed sowing.