Stomata Lab


Students will investigate questions concerning the number of stomata on plant leaves. The possible experiment questions can be wide ranging depending on the skill of the questioner. If the experimenter needs to focus on experiment design then a simple question suffices. A more sophisticated student can ask questions related to the physiology of the plant or ecological concerns. This then becomes a field investigation. Design scenarios include:

  1. Question: Is the stomatal density the same on the top or bottom leaf surfaces?

  2. Question: Do house plants have a higher stomatal density than outside plants?


(Summarize what you know about plant photosynthesis, respiration and gas exchange)


(Provided by student)


(List all materials necessary)


(Write a complete step-by-step description of the procedure to perform your experiment. Be sure to include all of the aspects of experimental design you have learned so far.)


(Record all data on a data table. Include that data table and any calculations and graphs in this section. Note: include class data also!


(Write your conclusion in this section. Be sure to follow all guidelines for writing conclusions to experiments and include data and an explanation of how the data supports your conclusion)