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Seed Germination


In this activity, you will report on the germination of your seedlings. One section of the report should inform the reader of the generalities of seed germination and primary growth. Another section will discuss the specific aspects of your plant's germination and primary growth. This will require you to know and identify parts of seedlings and stages of primary development.

Define and use these terms to discuss the germination of your seeds: apical meristem, coleoptile, cotyledons, dormancy, first true leaves, germination, hypocotyl, primary root, primary shoot, radicle.

A third section will have multiple, detailed drawings of the seedling's radicle, hypocotyl or coleoptile, primary root, leaves. Use a dissecting microscope to make your drawings. On your paper, use the circumference of a petri dish to represent the microscope's field of view. Beware of drying out your seedling. The drawings of the true leaves may have to wait for the seedling to develop. Those drawings of the potted plants will require the use of a hand lens.