Hormone Efficacy Project


A colleague asks you to test a hormone that may increase plant growth. To prevent biasing you, she will give you two unmarked aqueous solutions: one with the hormone and one without. The solutions will be in small beakers, labeled A and B. You will need to design a project to qualify and quantify the effects of the compound. She recommends that you use a cotton swab to "paint" the solutions on the the stems of the test plants.

Question: Is solution A or B an effective plant growth hormone?


  1. You will work with one partner to design the experiment and gather data.
  2. Each person is responsible for their own original lab report !
  3. A rough draft of lab report showing the experimental design is due on March 11.
  4. The final report is due on __________ (typically in 4-6 weeks).
  5. A poster session held soon after the final report is done.