Stems Essentials



  1. What are the two primary functions of the stem?
  2. What three structures might you find at a node?
  3. Describe the stem's vascular system external arrow.
  4. Compare and contrast xylem and phloem external arrow.
  5. Contrast the location external arrow of vascular bundles in a dicot stem cross- section and a monocot stem cross-section.
  6. Do you think that a leaf might have vascular bundles? Explain your answer.


Each drawing is evaluated using a Visual Presentations Rubric

  1. External stem structure: Sketch an actual woody dicot stem and label these features: axial bud, internode, leaf scar, node, terminal bud scar, terminal bud.
  2. Internal stem structure: Use a prepared microscope slide to sketch a dicot and monocot stem cross-section. Label the sketches as monocot or dicot, indicate the vascular bundles.
  3. Draw a detail of a vascular bundle labeling the xylem, phloem and cambium layer.