Seeds Unit Check

  1. List the four requirements for germination
    1. ______________________________________________________
    2. ______________________________________________________
    3. ______________________________________________________
    4. ______________________________________________________
  2. Describe how seed dormancy can be advantageous to a plant:
  3. Describe two methods for breaking dormancy:
    1. _________________________________________________________________________________
    2. _________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Explain how the greater genetic diversity of propagation by seed can be both an advantage and a disadvantage depending on the planter's goals.
  5. Describe the results so far of your first planting (include name of plant, date of planting, etc).
  6. What is the most important method for controlling damping-off?
  7. In the row, how far apart should your Adopt-A-Veggie be planted?
  8. Are the plants in the seed tray monocots or dicots? Explain your answer.
  9. Draw and label a bean seedling (black-eyed pea). Use these words as your labels: radicle, cotyledons, hypocotyl.