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This delicate fern is a sucker for arsenic Questions

After reading the article "This delicate fern is a sucker for arsenic", answer these questions in your journal with complete sentences.

  1. List some of the pests that arsenic has been used against.
  2. What is the common name of the plant this article is about?
  3. What is the plant's scientific name?
  4. What is a common use of arsenic compounds?
  5. What is one way arsenic affects humans?
  6. How do our water supplies get contaminated with arsenic?
  7. What is phytoremediation?
  8. Why would a plant that bioaccumulates toxins in its stems and leaves be more useful than a plants that bioaccumulates in its root?
  9. How many arsenic hot spots are in Florida?
  10. What is the author's name?
  11. Express 5 ppm as a percentage.
  12. Express 22,300 ppm as a percentage.