Plant Structures Practice

011103 1.01a I can identify and describe the parts of a plant.

  1. Horticulture is the art and science of _________________________________.
  2. Leaves
    1. Sketch and label a leaf and stem showing leaf, petiole, blade and stipule.
    2. Sketch the following pattern of leaf attachments: alternate, opposite, whorled.
    3. On the leaf pattern specimens identify: opposite __, alternate __, whorled __.
  3. Stems
    1. Sketch a dicot and monocot stem cross-section. Label the sketches as monocot or dicot, indicate the vascular bundles.
    2. Sketch an actual woody dicot stem and label these features: axial bud, internode, leaf scar, node, terminal bud scar, terminal bud.
    3. On the woody dicot stem specimen identify a(n):
      axillary bud __, internode __, leaf scar __, node __, terminal bud scar __, terminal bud __.
  4. Roots
    1. The two main root systems are __________ and _________.
    2. Identify the root system specimens: fibrous __, tap __.
    3. Sketch a root system and label these features: root, root cap, root hairs.
  5. Vascular System
    1. Describe the parts of the plant needed for the vascular system.
  6. Meristem
    1. Describe the meristematic parts of the plant.
    2. Define a bud.
    3. Sketch a woody dicot stem showing the locations of meristem tissue. Label shoot and root apical meristems, lateral meristem (vascular cambium and cork cambium).
    4. On the woody dicot stem specimen identify two locations of apical meristem: ___ and ___.
    5. On the log section identify the vascular cambium: _____