Non-cyclic Photosynthesis Questions

On a separate sheet of paper answer these questions in complete sentences.

  1. The light reactions include two processes called _______________ and ______________.
  2. Where do the light reactions occur?
  3. What are the two inputs to the light reactions?
  4. Describe the fates of the three products of photolysis.
  5. Describe why you might be interested in the 'waste' product of the light reactions.
  6. What aspect of the thylakoid membrane's function is similar to the mitochondrial membrane?
  7. Where do the light-independent (dark) reactions occur?
  8. What are the three inputs to the Calvin cycle?
  9. What becomes of the ADP produced in the Calvin cycle?
  10. How many turns of the Calvin cycle are needed to produce a single sugar phosphate molecule?