No fairy tale: Researchers spin straw into gold Questions

Answer these questions in complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper.

  1. The width of these nanoparticles of gold is ____ of a meter.
  2. Express the "nano" prefix in scientific notation.
  3. The real value of these gold particles is they are:
    a. directly useable in nanotechnology. c. gathered in large quantities.
    b. in nearby Mexico. d. non-toxic.
  4. Phytoremediation is:
    a. when plants absorb toxic materials. c. fertilizer for increased plant growth.
    b. a form of radioactive cesium. d. gold nanoparticles.
  5. The gold particles are dispersed throughout the plants. True or False
  6. List other pollutants cleaned by phytoremediation.
  7. The nanotechnology research project started out as ____ clean-up project.
  8. Researchers have used plants to find new ______   ______ hidden beneath volcanic ash and dust.
  9. List other metals being separated by phytoremediation.
  10. Use you knowledge of solubility to explain how the metals are separated from the plants.

Source: "No fairy tale: Researchers spin straw into gold". Peter N. Spotts. Christian Science Monitor. 29 Aug 2002