Meristems Questions

After reading the Kew B3 Structures external arrow sheet and Idaho Master Gardener Program Handbook Chapter 3 Basic Botany external arrow, answer these questions:

  1. Define a bud.
  2. Buds may be described by their location and by their 'fate'. Name and describe the types of buds.
  3. Explain what we mean when we say meristem is capable of differentiation.
  4. Contrast the shoot and root meristems.
  5. Describe two lateral meristems.
  6. Why are lateral meristems needed by the plant?
  7. Compare and contrast apical meristem and intercalary meristem.
  8. Why is intercalary meristem a good adaptation for plants eaten by animals?
  9. Why are the trunks of some trees protected from rabbits by fencing?