Leaf Essentials



  1. What is the primary function of the leaf?
  2. What is photosynthesis?
  3. From where does the leaf get its water (H2O)?
  4. From where does the leaf get its carbon dioxide (CO2)?
  5. What does the plant use the sugars made by photosynthesis for?
  6. Where does the oxygen (O2) made by photosynthesis go?
  7. How does carbon dioxide (CO2) get into the leaf and oxygen (O2) get out of the leaf?
  8. Explain two functions of transpiration.
  9. Where does transpiration water come from and where does it go?
  10. Why do plants have to be able to close the leaf stomata?


Each drawing is evaluated using a Visual Presentations Rubric

  1. External Leaf Structure: Sketch and label a leaf and stem showing leaf, petiole, blade and stipule.
  2. Internal leaf structure: Sketch and label a leaf cross section external arrow . Labels: stomata, epidermal cells, palisade cells, spongy mesophyll, chloroplasts, vein.
  3. Leaf Attachment Drawing: Sketch the following pattern of leaf attachments: alternate, opposite, describe the leaf shape.