Dream Landscaping

Landscape design is a complex task requiring foresight and imagination. This project will allow you to explore landscape design. You will communicate your learning through a poster and class presentation. There are numerous on-line and printed resources to assist you. Below are four on-line sources of information:


Realty Reality Check

While this is your 'dream' house, let's calibrate your dreaming. Place this information on the back of your poster. Include the sources you used to determine these figures.

  1. Use the WA State Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates to estimate your mean annual salary.
  2. Record your mean annual salary. $_______________
  3. Use a financial calculator estimate how much house you can afford. Resource:
  4. Affix a real estate ad from the paper or on-line for a house and property that the financial calculator shows you can afford.

Annotated Poster of Site Map

The site map poster visually communicates the size, layout and usage of the property with the plant complement. For clarity you may wish to break the site map into smaller maps. Look at the North Carolina State Residential Landscaping figures for examples. The site map typically includes the following:

  1. Dimensions of lot, structures, beds, etc; example NCS figure 1.
  2. Access, easements and utilities; example NCS figure 3,
  3. Aspect, views and soils; example NCS figure 4
  4. House floor plan: very basic outline of building and rooms; example NCS figure 6.
  5. Use areas; example NCS figure 6.
  6. Planting map with plant list; example NCS figure 12

Class Presentation Using Poster

In the presentation you explain the decision processes that lead to your final site map.

  1. Your landscaping goals: what were your goals for this property and its landscaping? Goals can include:
    · Create Privacy · Entertaining · Wildlife habitat
    · Modify climate · Beautify property · Garden space
    · Recreation · Low water use · Low maintenance
  2. Site analysis: elaborate on the process you went through to create the site map poster.
  3. How did you use the principles of design? These principles include: balance, harmony and movement.
  4. How did you use the elements of design? Elements include: space, color, texture, arrangement.
  5. Plant selection: how did you select the plants you did?
  6. Maintenance and water management: what are your estimates for maintaining the landscaping?


  1. Realty milestone checklist
  2. Site milestone checklist
  3. This rubric will be used for grading the poster and presentation. The information section will include but is not limited to the items listed above.