Fertilizer Questions (EB1971e)

After reading "Home Gardener's Guide to Soils and Fertilizers" EB1971 answer these questions:

  1. Why are NPK the most likely nutrient deficiencies?  

  2. Explain the problem: plants can only take up nutrients in solution; nutrients are in soil minerals and organic matter. 

  3. Why does the presence of clay particles and organic materials have an inordinate importance to a growing plant's nutrition? 

  4. Compare and contrast processed and organic fertilizers. 

  5. How does a chemist (or horticulturist) define a salt? 

  6. The fertilizer package label shows 12-10-15. Explain what that means. 

  7. How much fresh cow manure do you need for your 7' by 7' garden? 

  8. How do you prepare a soil sample for soil testing? 

  9. When is the best time to fertilize? 

  10. Sing the praises of organic matter. Or write down the praises of organic matter. 

  11. Why should you be careful adding to the soil organic materials with a high C:N ratio? 

  12. What cover crop did you grow? Why might a gardener plant cover crops? 

  13. List three ways soil pH influences plant growth. 

  14. What is a good range for soil pH? 

  15. Should lime be considered a fertilizer? Explain. What about sulfur? 

  16. Why don't we worry much about soil salinity on Whidbey island?