Plant Environmental Factors Questions

After reading the Idaho Master Gardener Program Handbook Chapter 2 Intro to Horticulture & Plant Physiology external arrow, answer these questions:

  1. What is horticulture?  

  2. What two fundamental aspects of climate affect plants?  

  3. Diagram and label a hypothetical yard landscape showing the five microclimate effects.  

  4. Find and describe three microclimates on the school campus.  

  5. When is our first and last killing frost ?  

  6. List your favorite cool-season plant.  

  7. My friend in Tucson puts her tulip bulbs in the refrigerator for two months before planting them outside. Explain.  

  8. List your favorite warm-season plant.  

  9. Frost warning for tonight! Describe two ways you could modify those low temperatures and protect your plant.  

  10. Your one true love loves chrysanthemums external arrow. Describe how you could surprise them with blooming chrysanthemums external arrow on their birthday in June.  

  11. Explain how the "Wall 'O Water external arrow" ® works.  

  12. What is our hardiness zone number and average annual low temperature?