Plant Divisions Specimen Sheets


  1. For each of these plant divisions or classes find and prepare a specimen.
  2. Prepare the specimen as directed by your instructor. Videos:   traditional external arrow     microwave external arrow
  3. The specimen should be of sufficient size to allow easy identification and illustrate the key features of that division.
  4. More than one specimen per page is OK.
  5. For each specimen identify the division (and class if needed), and common name for that group of organisms.
  6. For each specimen list the key features of that plant division or class.
  7. The project will be assessed in the manner of Visual Presentations Rubric

Plant List

  1. Bryophyta
  2. Pteridophyta
  3. (Gymnosperms) Pinophyta
  4. (Angiosperms) Magnoliophyta: Monocotyledonae
  5. (Angiosperms) Magnoliophyta: Eudicotyledonae

Attribute Above Standard (5 pts) Meets Standard (3 pts) Below Standard (1 pt) Subtotal
Information: Accurate, complete, extensive. Accurate and complete. Inaccurate, incomplete or inappropriate. Sources not cited = 0
Visuals: Well-rendered, enhances product, aids understanding. Pleasing, aids understanding. Missing, irrelevant, distracting, inappropriate. Sources not cited = 0.
Neatness: Exemplary, neat, well planned, enhances display. Neat, aids display. Messy, cluttered, detracts from display.
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