Damping-off Questions

After reading the article Damping-off Diseases in the Garden, answer these questions.

  1. Who published this document? ______________________________
  2. What is a pathogen?  

  3. Describe symptoms of damping-off.  

  4. Describe several clues that seedling mortality might not be due to damping-off  

  5. Where do damping-off organisms live? _______________________
  6. What are the two main groups of these pathogens?  

  7. Damping-off is controlled primarily in four ways. What are those methods?  

  8. Damping-off is worse when the soil is__________________________.
  9. Describe ways that drainage can be improved  

  10. To reduce damping-off a grower should use (circle one of each pair):
    1. deep planting     or     shallow planting.
    2. cold soil     or     warm soil.
    3. inexpensive seeds     or     quality seeds.
    4. plenty of water     or     allow soil to dry between waterings.
    5. crowded seedlings     or     thin seedlings.
    6. plenty of nitrogen fertilizer     or     less nitrogen fertilizer.
  11. Why is sanitation important?  

  12. Describe two ways to reduce pathogen survival. 

  13. Describe the easiest way for you to sterilize soil.  

  14. Describe how to solarize soil. 

  15. Why or why not would solarization be effective in Island County?  

  16. Although there was a warning notice, what control method wasn't described in the article?