Biomes and Plants

In this lab we will look at plants and adaptations they have made to live in particular biomes.

Points to consider:

Plants are multicellular eukaryotes that are photosynthetic autotrophs.

Summary of the Plant Kingdom
After Wallace, Sanders and Ferl. Biology - the Science of Life. 4th edition. Table 25.1
Division Examples Characteristics
Non-vascular Plants (bryophytes) liverworts, mosses Little or no supporting or vascular tissue
Seedless Vascular Plants horsetail, club moss, ferns · A root system that absorbs water and nutrients
· A shoot system of above ground photosynthetic parts, stems and leaves, covered in a waxy cuticle to reduce water loss.
· Specialized tissues which conduct water and nutrients through the roots, stems and leaves.
Seeded Vascular Plants · Gymnosperms
· Angiosperms
· Cone bearing plants (naked seeds)
· Flowering plants






Drawings of Representative Plants


coniferous tree
deciduous tree

aloe vera