Plant Basics Practice Test 2010

011103 1.01 Plant Structures and Functions

  1. Horticulture is the art and science of ________.
  2. What is the primary function of the leaf?
  3. Describe three leaf arrangement patterns.
  4. What are the primary functions of the stem?
  5. What structures might you find at a node?
  6. Describe the structure and function of a vascular bundle.
  7. Describe the structure and function of xylem and phloem.
  8. What are the primary functions of roots?
  9. The two main root systems are _____.
  10. When transplanting plants their root hairs are usually broken. Elaborate.
  11. Primary plant growth occurs at the ___.
  12. Define a bud.
  13. Describe the three types of buds.
  14. Explain what we mean when we say meristem is capable of differentiation.
  15. Why are lateral meristems needed by the plant?
  16. Explain what is meant by "girdling" a tree.
  17. Explain the intersection of grass meristems and grazing animals.

011103 1.01 Plant Processes

  1. The process that uses light energy to create an organic compound from a gas is called ____.
  2. The process that uses an organic compound and provides cellular energy for the plant to use is called ___.
  3. The process that moves water and nutrients from the roots to the leaves is called __
  4. The chemical formula for photosynthesis is ______.
  5. What do stomata do for the plant?

011103 1.03 Plant Variations

  1. Describe a leaf, stem and root variation.

WA 9-11 SYSB. Plant Interconnected Systems

  1. Draw a plant and label these parts: root, root cap, root hairs, axial bud, internode, leaf, node, terminal bud, alternate leaf pattern.