Plant Structure Questions (Kew B3)

Using the Kew B3 Structures sheet, answer these questions in your journal.

  1. What plant structures can be found at the stem nodes?
  2. Copy and finish the table below into your journal. Note the completeness of the function entry provided.
    Structure Function
      Support the leaves, flowers and fruit. Transports water, minerals and sugars to leaves and roots.
  3. What is the leaf axil?
  4. Mangrove trees grow in salt water coastal areas. Explain the adaptation they have to survive in the water.
  5. Bougainvillea and poinsettia have something in common. Explain.
  6. Nice juicy plant parts would be very tempting to a desert herbivore. Describe the leaf modifications used by one group of plants to prevent being a salad.
  7. When transplanting plants their root hairs are usually broken. They often exhibit what is called 'transplant shock' for a few days. Explain.
  8. I wouldn't want ivy plants growing on the sides of my wood shingle house. Why?